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Scheduling your first class can be intimidating, but we want to make this process simple and inviting.

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I've never been to barre before. What class should I take?

If you’re brand new to Barre, we’d recommend you start out with a Barre or Barre Bootcamp class. These will give you a great foundation, teach you proper form, and get you accustomed to Barre so that you can work up to those tougher classes! Our yoga classes are also open to all levels.

What will my first class be like?

We know that walking through the doors of a new studio for the first time can be overwhelming. But don’t worry – we’re here to make the process simple! When you walk in through our front doors 5-10 minutes before class begins, your instructor will be there to greet you. Just tell her it’s your first time! She’ll show you around and get you set up for an awesome first class.

How Do I Sign up for Classes

Easy! Just visit our schedule page and click on “Sign Up For Classes!” Create a login on our MindBody site, and then you can see all of our classes & packages available for purchase. Once you’re in, search for The Barre at Berry Farms on our App Store. It’s the easiest way to sign up for classes & stay in the know on all things Barre!

What if I'm late to class?

We understand – life happens! If you’re less than 5 minutes late to class, just quietly enter the studio & get to your mat as quickly as possible. If you’re more than 5 minutes late, the sliding door will be shut – and unfortunately, we can’t let you in. It’s just too disruptive for other clients, and too dangerous for you to hop right into a workout with no warmup. No worries – we’ll catch you at the next class.

What if I need to leave class early?

We don’t allow early dismissals from class, excepting emergencies. This is for two reasons. First, it’s very disruptive to other clients, and that’s never fun. Secondly, it’s not safe for your body. Moving from high intensity workouts to regular life without stretching and cooling down can cause injury – and we definitely don’t want that!

What should I wear to class?

We recommend fitted workout attire. Barre is form-focused, and we watch your alignment and posture closely to ensure you get an effective, injury-free workout. Long leggings, yoga pants or cropped pants and a fitted tank top are ideal. You can wear no-skid socks or participate barefoot! For REFIT, Rev+Flow, and FiitFire, wear sneakers. Most importantly: wear what makes you feel comfortable & strong – we don’t care whether your leggings cost $10 or $100. If you’re here, you’re a Barre babe, and we’re happy you’re getting healthy with us.

What should I bring to class?

Your best work-hard attitude! Some clients also like to bring a water bottle or a hand towel – we sweat it out in our classes. A couple of our classes require sneakers, but most are socks or barefoot-only.

I want results. How often should I come to class?

We think attending 3 – 4 classes per week is a good minimum to see great results. We also recommend mixing and matching your classes! Try a combination of barre, yoga, and cardio classes to push your body in different ways. Before you know it, you’ll see the change!

Do I have to sign up for class before I come?

It’s not required, but it’s strongly recommended. Reserving your spot guarantees that you won’t arrive to a full class! No one wants to waste gas money. Sign up for class. 🙂

Are there any class rules?

No cell phones! No excessive chatter with the Barre babe on the mat beside you. This time is for YOU. Enjoy the ability to put all distractions aside and focus on your mind, body, and heart for an hour.

What's your cancellation policy?

If you’ve reserved a class, you can cancel up to 4 hours before class begins with no penalty. If it’s 4 hours or less before class begins, you will be charged $5. If class is cancelled by the studio, you will not be charged. We know that life happens, so we do offer one “free pass” per month – just email us at by the end of the day if you have an emergency & have to late cancel.

To cancel a class, log into your account and select “My Schedule.” This will allow you to select the class you’d like to cancel.

What if I’m overweight or haven’t worked out in a long time?

Our classes are accessible to ALL fitness levels. We can offer you modifications for certain exercises, and we’ll always give hands-on advice and cheer you on. We’re here for you! Don’t be intimidated – our studio is all about meeting you where you are and encouraging you not to give up, no matter what.

What if I’m pregnant or have an injury?

Our instructors are trained in both pre- and postnatal fitness, as well as injury prevention and modifications. If you have a specific health concern, make sure to let your instructor know before class begins, so that she can guide you through the corrections and modifications that will keep you safe & healthy!

Where do I park?

You may park in the spaces directly in front of our studio if any are available! Otherwise, please pull around behind the building and park in the lot next to the bank.

How do I sign up for childcare?

Childcare is FREE for birth-6 year olds – but you must sign up once for each child under the KidZone tab of your account! Sometimes, the app won’t allow this – if that’s the case, head over to your desktop.

What are your childcare policies?

Our childcare workers are background checked and wonderful with children. We only allow 6 children in our childcare room at once – so book early! Make sure you take your child to the bathroom before class starts – we don’t change diapers, and we don’t take kids to the bathroom. In case of emergency, the childcare worker will come find you in class.

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